I know they cannot read English, but...

read one word by word

I know that they cannot read English, so the reading activity will no be fun anymore if I force them to read. There are only four of my pupils who can read English very well and based on my previous experience triple weeks ago, I have an idea to teach them how to read even though I have no experience on teaching pupils read English.

The idea came across my mind while I refered to my Methodology in Teaching English, so here it was, my reading flash cards. Actually it was nothing more than you ask your pupils to read word by word and then read by a sentence.

Firstly, I folded the cards and showed to my pupils the word of "What" and taught them to pronounce the words many times correctly. The same thing went for the word of "is" and "this". Then, I unfolded the card so a sentence which contains the words they pronounced appeared in once. After that, I asked them to read the sentence and I did not know why, but they paused and only a few of them can read the sentence. However, when I folded the card again until only one word appeared, they can recognise the word by sight and read it.

I mean, they can read a word but not a sentence. I have no idea but maybe my pupils phobia with a long sentence?

*Anyone who can help me to teach my pupils to read English?

the flash cards

I showed the cards and taught them to pronounce the words. In order to encourage my pupils remember the vocabulary learned, I picked a pupil to paste the cards on the object so that they can read the words and visualize the object the refered.


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