Last Observation!

I should post this entry a month ago, but I think I did not have much time as I do right now. Whatever it is, it is my pleasure to share with all of you about my last English observation. Well, as I remembered I've told you about my last preparation to get ready for this precious moment with last interaction with Miss Zakiah. Yeah, I told you that I created a slide show by using Power Point Software in order to introduce to my pupils about the parts of body and at the same time I planned to have a "Making A Robot" activity within 20 minutes.

Well, what done is done, what past is past; so, I just write down my lecturer's comments about my teaching and learning process. FYI, I chose "My Body" for my learning objective for Year Two pupils. Her comments were:

  1. My induction set was good and creative as the pupils looked very excited to sing the song. Well, the song was adapted from one of the cartoon video on YouTube and the song's title is "Head, Shoulder, Knee and Toes"..
  2. My slide show was also attractive and creative but I should be more focus in drilling pupils' pronunciation and spelling of body parts' word. It meant, I should drill my pupils on speaking test, not just showing the picture of parts of the body.
  3. I should not focus too much in making robot activity because this is a linguistic class not art class.
  4. I should ensure my pupils get ready well before starting my lesson because the pupils' were so excited with robot activity and did not pay much attention during slide show. Therefore, I should put away any distractions in classroom before proceeding with my lesson.
Well, I agreed with her and I marked her comments on my mind as my guidance in future.. BTW, these are my pupil's work from "Making a Robot" activity.

-This is a robot from the high-achievement group. You can see the differences between this group and the low-achievement group. It was a simple robot and they did not have to work so hard to make a robot-

-It was my great pleasure to have this robot from the low-achievement group because first; they did not bring enough boxes, second; they used the boxes provided wisely and creatively. They managed to think the other way that the other groups cannot do which was they cut the boxes into two parts to have a pair of hands and legs. I was very proud of them. Plus, they managed to show a great cooperative work compared to other groups-

 -I heard from one of my pupils that these group was eager to find the boxes as more as they can, and here is the result. One hand is missing and they did not have much time to finish their robot making-

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