Hmmm... Was it work?

the multiplication table

My pupils did not show any interest in memorizing the multiplication table along three weeks ago, so I took an initative to provide each of them a multiplication table from 1-9. I taught them how to fill the table multiplication within two minutes, therefore the careless in calculating can be prevented. However, my pupils seemed love be so depended on this multiplication table until they still refered to multiplication table for 2 times 3. This was so sad. My lecturer also suggested to me to encourage my pupils to memorize the multiplication table and for those who were weak can allow to use the multiplication table.

Actually, the multiplication table is really a good helper for the low achievement pupils and it is a "waste" for the high achievement pupils because they can memorize the multiplication tables. Therefore, for tomorrow class, I will enhance my pupils' number common sense.

*I should work hard for my pupils. This is my responsibility.


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