At last!

Can we call this as a freedom?
A freedom from lecturer's observation?
hehe.. No, I don't think so...
(Hmm, maybe a little)

I have just finished my last observation session with my supervisor and I told you, I quite nervous at first moment however by a help from my partners, Ana and Iema, I managed to control my anxiety. My beloved pupils were giving a good cooperation to me, so all I can conclude was everything was under my control. It just, my lecturer commented about the effectiveness of the usage of ICT in lesson which I should improved the usage. Well...

Whatever it is, I am going to miss this school and of course the friendly teachers as well as the pok guard, the workers, everyone in this school are being sooooo nice to me. I am going to miss my pupils and I wish I can be here again when they sit for their OTI examination on Mei. I want to see my pupils' achievement. (Did I use a good method in teaching Maths?) I have one week left before I'll be back to my college.

I love to be a teacher. Seriously.

Mak, Abah. Thank you so much for your faith in me. Both of you are believing in me. You believe that I can be a good teacher, and with Allah's will, I will be.

*sorry, my English is quite terabur.


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